Union Mission of Roanoke Rapids, Inc.
Touching the Roanoke Valley With Love
Contact Us

Ms. Sabrina C. Lawson, MA, Executive Director, Ex. 28  email: sybrina.casperum@gmail.com
Ms. Charley Howell, Associate Director, Ex. 30 or 252-676-2476, email: bookkeeperchowell@gmail.com

Mrs. Barbara Sue Owens, Executive Assistant,  Ex. 29   email: barbara.owensum@gmail.com
Mr. Charlie Batzel, Stores Manager,  Ex. 26
Ms. Pam Blair, Receptionist,  Ex. 23
Mrs. Peggy Shearin, Clothing Store Clerk,  ex. 37
Mrs. Mary Rhea, Thrift Store Clerk, Ex. 26
Mrs. Christine Smith, Clothing Store Clerk,  ex. 37

Union Mission Phone:  252-537-3372