Union Mission of Roanoke Rapids, Inc.
Touching the Roanoke Valley With Love
Retail Stores

About half of the operating budget of Union Mission comes from the sale of used clothing, thrift items, and the recycling of well used clothing.   You may not be able to give financially through your check book each month, but most all of us can give clothing we are not using any longer.   The donations of clothing and other items are sold in our retail stores to generate funds for the operation of the Mission.   Our money stays here in the Roanoke Valley when the donation of clothing and thrift items are made to the Union Mission.

The blue boxes you see in the area ARE NOT associated with Union Mission.  Many people think these donation bins are to benefit the Mission.  Please bring your donation to our Roanoke Rapids stores on Roanoke Ave.; Our Scotland Neck, NC Store; or our newest store located in Littleton, NC.  We will be happy to receive your donation.